On a boat from port Yerolymenas one can make a voyage along Western shore of Inner Mani up to the Cape Taenarum (Greek Tenaro). The same voyage can be done along the Eastern shore as well. If the weather is nice one can sail to the Mezapos Harbor and Cape Tigani on the North of the Yerolimenos Port.

On the way to the Cape Taenarum is a sea caves where was the entry to the underworld, according to the ancient beliefs. Sailing along the Cape Taenarum one can get to a small colorful Porto Kayio and then to Akhillio, Agios Kiprianos, Kokkala and Soloteri. The voyage ends up in a very small port of the Kotronas village.

All these places except for the Cape Tigani and the underworld cave can be visited by car. But certainly the sea voyage gives some very special feeling.


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