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Mani gave a lot, took nothing and was proud enough not to beg for anything.


Generally speaking the history of Mani is part and parcel of the Peloponnesian history.

At first under the reign of Leon of Sofu (886-912) the name of Mani referred either to a rather small area where the residence of a bishop was located or perhaps only just to one castle. It was called the castle of Mani or Maini (Le Mange in French) and was built by Villardouinos in 1248 that is in the last decades before the origin of the Greek kingdom.

Later the name Mani was applied to the area where free people lived in the period of the Turkish joke. It should be mentioned that Mani is a rough, waterless and barren area with cold winters and hot summers. Situated in the remote area of the Peloponnese the proud and inaccessible Mani never submitted to any foreign conqueror. The last finds in the Alepotripa cave proved that Mani was inhabited already in the Paleolithic times. And it is important to stress that since that time on the life never stopped here.

The remote location of Mani, its peculiar geomorphology and certain historical events helped the origin and development of original local civilization based mainly on deeply rooted traditions, old social system and monuments of folk architecture.


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