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Mani is located on the south Peloponnese occupying the northwestern section of the Laconian region (nomos) and the northeastern part of the Messinian region (nomos) with the Taygetos Mountains in the centre.

It starts 4 km northeast from the city Githion its village Verga borders Kalamata. Mani stretches along the middle finger of Peloponnese and reaches the most southern tip of Greece at Tainaro. On the West it is watered by the Messiniako bay and on the East by the Laconian one.

The length of Mani is 75 km, its area equals 1800 sq.km. High rocks and inaccessible siliceous shores of Mani complete the picture of a wild and deserted place.

The church of Mani subordinates to the Holy Metropolis of Githion, Itili and Zarnati.

Administratively Mani belongs to two nomos (regions): those of Messinni and Laconia. It consists of 5 municipalities, and about 250 sun lit villages and sites with plenty of olive trees and cactuses.

Mani is one of the most traditionals spots of Greece. It has a lot of old buildings, the high stone towers being the most characteristic among them. On the whole there are about 800 towers and 6 castles in Mani.


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